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We train athletes from middle schoolers to professionals. Our focus is to create a high work rate, high value training program tailored to your athlete's needs. Improving your individual skillsets in your sport and learning how to apply them in game scenarios can set you apart from others. What work you put in will determine how much you get out of it.





Basketball Training                          Fitness Training 


Ball handling                                          Speed 

Shooting                                                  Agility 

Attacking                                                 Strength 

Footwork                                                  Balance 

Position skills


Off-ball movement




Basketball Trainer

Coach Taylor

Highly effective, passionate, and motivated basketball skills trainer and coach with 15+ years’ experience playing high level basketball,  Played Professional overseas Basketball in China, and 5+ years’ experience training and coaching at the high school level. Conducted summer camps/trainings for 80 high school basketball athletes to compete against each other and showcase their talents for coaches. Top 10 Guard in AZ in 2013 and led high school team to the elite 8 during senior year. Trained professional FIBA athletes and college basketball players. Helped recruit AAU and college basketball players to schools. 




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Basketball Trainer 

Coach Rodriguez (Coach J)

My name is Jared Rodriguez, former D1 basketball player for the University of San Diego and Idaho State University, and current Professional overseas basketball player. My goal as a trainer is to help athletes achieve their goals and to take their game to the next level. My goal is to also help improve all areas of their game. It is important to teach young athletes to work hard in everything they do and to enjoy the process. Training sessions are high intensity, high repetitions, and a whole lot of competing.  

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Fitness Trainer 

Coach Cobi

My name is Jacobi Taylor, former Arizona State athlete and current Pro Football player. I specialize in Sports performance/Agility Training, as well as Defensive Back training. I will train your athlete in game related movements to help elevate his/her game on the field or court. 




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Be prepared to work hard. Training sessions are tailored to your needs as a player. We look to apply the training drills and skills you develop in game time settings. Individual training will focus on ball handling, footwork, shooting and positioning. Small group sessions give an opportunity to play against your peers and push each other. Whether you pick small group or individual, expect high intensity and repetitions. Expect to train at game speed.

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Pricing Information

Youth Basketball Game

Small Groups

$350 / month

15  1hr sessions

Basketball Dribble


$500 / month

15 1hr sessions


Per Session Rates

Small groups:  $35

Individual: $50

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School or club coaches looking to integrate Prolific Training into their team: call, email or message for special rates and scheduling


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